Welcome to my Gallery

The gallery serves as my portfolio, and it has a few catagories with sub catagories. Below are brief descriptions what you may find in each catagory. Each Gallery uses the flash player, and the images and text are external from the player. The flash file loads a xml document that has the text to be dislpayed and what image, animation, or video to load for the gallery. The flash player plugin is required to view any gallery.


The flash gallery has samples of my work that demostrate my ability create Animations and illustrations. Also that I am able to use ActionScripting in my projects

e-Learning 1

This has samples from 2006 to present

e-Learning 2

This has samples from 2002 to 2005. This is currently e-Learning 1 other changes are coming soon


This has Rich Internet Apllications that are made with Flash. Down loading may be required to run the RIA

CBT Demo

This will have sample of Flash presention for e-learning


The 3D gallery will show samples from various 3D software.


The 2D gallery consits of Logos, Icons, Illustrations, and Marketing samples


This gallery will demostrate my skills using various 3D software.